Effects of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee on biological risk factors for type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial.

13 Sep 2012Wedick NM, Brennan AM, Sun Q, Hu FB, Mantzoros CS, van Dam RM.

In 45 nearly obese persons (habitual coffee drinkers) with the average age of 40, consumption of 5 cups of caffeinated coffee was associated with increased adiponectin concentrations relative to control but not to decaffeinated coffee (likely indicative of another bioactive).

Effects on insulin sensitivity and blood glucose did not differ caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, although decaffeinated coffee was associated with a significant drop in diastolic blood pressure relative to control and caffeinated.

Randomized Controlled Trial
2 effects
8 weeks
45 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Coffee (Caffeine) Beverage risk & protective factor
Minor Protective Factor Coffee (Caffeine)

Fat Oxidation Musculoskeletal outcome
Minor increase risk of Fat Oxidation
Musculoskeletal system

Low evidence

Coffee (Caffeine) Beverage risk & protective factor
Minor Risk Factor Coffee (Caffeine)

Inflammation Lymphatic outcome
Minor increase risk of Inflammation
Lymphatic system

Low evidence