Aerobic exercise increases hippocampal volume and improves memory in multiple sclerosis: Preliminary findings

13 Oct 2013V. M. Leavitt, C. Cirnigliaro, A. Cohen, A. Farag, M. Brooks, J. M. Wecht, G. R. Wylie, N. D. Chiaravalloti, J. DeLuca, J. F. Sumowski.

Aerobic exercise represents a cost-effective, widely available, natural, and self-administered treatment with no adverse side effects that may be the first effective memory treatment for multiple sclerosis patients.

Cohort Study
2 effects
3 months

Reported Outcomes


Moderate Exercise Selfcare risk & protective factor

Memory Brain outcome
Increased risk of Memory
Brain system

Moderate evidence

Moderate Exercise Selfcare risk & protective factor

Multiple Sclerosis Nervous outcome
Minor decreased risk of Multiple Sclerosis
Nervous system

Low evidence