Detection of enteroviruses in stools precedes islet autoimmunity by several months: possible evidence for slowly operating mechanisms in virus-induced autoimmunity

09 Jan 2017Hanna HonkanenEmail authorSami OikarinenNoora NurminenOlli H. LaitinenHeini HuhtalaJussi LehtonenTanja RuokorantaMinna M. HankaniemiValérie LecouturierJeffrey W. AlmondSisko TauriainenOlli SimellJorma IlonenRiitta VeijolaHanna ViskariMikael KnipHeikki Hyöty

The results suggest that enterovirus infections diagnosed by detecting viral RNA in stools are associated with the development of islet autoimmunity with a time lag of several months.

Cross-section study
1 effect
1673 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Enterovirus infection Digestive outcome
Enterovirus infection
Digestive system

Type 1 Diabetes Lymphatic outcome
Minor increase risk of Type 1 Diabetes
Lymphatic system

Moderate evidence