Association of Drug and Alcohol Use With Adolescent Firearm Homicide at Individual, Family, and Neighborhood Levels

03 Jan 2017Bernadette C. Hohl, PhD, MPH; Shari Wiley, PhD; Douglas J. Wiebe, PhD

Almost all adolescent homicides in Philadelphia between 2010 and 2012 were committed with a firearm. Substance use at the individual, family, and neighborhood levels was associated with increased odds of adolescent firearm homicide; drug use was associated at all 3 levels and alcohol at the individual and neighborhood levels.

Case-control study
2 effects
11 months
333 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Alcohol Beverage risk & protective factor
Risk Factor Alcohol

Violent crime Brain outcome
Increased risk of Violent crime
Brain system

Moderate evidence

Drug abuse and addiction Contaminant risk & protective factor
Strong Risk Factor Drug abuse and addiction

Violent crime Brain outcome
Strong increased risk of Violent crime
Brain system

High evidence