Low grade inflammation and coronary heart disease: prospective study and updated meta-analyses

22 Feb 2000John Danesh, clnical research fellow, Peter Whincup, professor, Mary Walker, senior lecturer, Lucy Lennon, research assistant, Andrew Thomson, computer programmer, Paul Appleby, statistician, J Ruth Gallimore, research officer, Mark B Pepys, professor of medicine

these findings suggest that some inflammatory processes, unrelated to the chronic infections studied here, are likely to be involved in coronary heart disease.

Meta Analysis
1 effect
9 years 6 months
1531 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Oxidative stress Lymphatic outcome
Oxidative stress
Lymphatic system

Coronary Heart Disease (Ischaemic Heart Disease) Cardiovascular outcome
Strong increased risk of Coronary Heart Diseas...
Cardiovascular system

High evidence