The Effects of Physical Activity in Parkinson's Disease: A Review.

19 Oct 2016Lauzé M, Daneault JF, Duval C

Findings demonstrate the positive effects of physical exercise (PA) on Physical capacities and Physical and cognitive functional capacities, more specifically on Gait, mobility, posture and balance. This review also brings out the mitigated effects of PA on Clinical symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. PA appears to have highly positive effects on gait-related motor symptoms, but much lower effects on other symptoms. It also highlights the less effective results reported on Psychosocial aspects of life, especially on quality of life

Meta Analysis
1 effect
34 years
868 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Moderate Exercise Selfcare risk & protective factor
Protective Factor Moderate Exercise

Parkinson's Disease Brain outcome
Decreased risk of Parkinson's Disease
Brain system

High evidence