Cured meat intake is associated with worsening asthma symptoms

20 Dec 2016Zhen Li, Marta Rava, Annabelle Bédard, Orianne Dumas, Judith Garcia-Aymerich5,6,7, Bénédicte Leynaert8, Christophe Pison, Nicole Le Moual, Isabelle Romieu, Valérie Sirou, Carlos A Camargo Jr, Rachel Nadif, Raphaëlle Varraso

Higher cured meat intake was associated with worsening asthma symptoms over time, through a direct effect and to a lesser extent an effect mediated by BMI.

Meta Analysis
1 effect
10 subjects

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Processed Meat Nutrition risk & protective factor
Risk Factor Processed Meat

Asthma Attack Respiratory outcome
Increased risk of Asthma Attack
Respiratory system

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