Breast-feeding and the risk of bronchial asthma in childhood: A systematic review with meta-analysis of prospective studies

01 Aug 2001Michael Gdalevich, MD, MPH, Daniel Mimouni, MD, Marc Mimouni, MD

Exclusive breast-feeding during the first months after birth is associated with lower asthma rates during childhood. The effect, caused by immunomodulatory qualities of breast milk, avoidance of allergens, or a combination of these and other factors, strengthens the advantage of breast-feeding, especially if a family history of atopy is present.

Meta Analysis
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Cow milk (A1 β-casein) Beverage risk & protective factor
Risk Factor Cow milk (A1 β-casein)

Asthma Attack Respiratory outcome
Increased risk of Asthma Attack
Respiratory system

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