Moderate exercise ameliorates dysregulated hippocampal glycometabolism and memory function in a rat model of type 2 diabetes

08 Dec 2016Takeru ShimaTakashi MatsuiSubrina JesminMasahiro OkamotoMariko SoyaKoshiro InoueYu-Fan LiuIgnacio Torres-AlemanBruce S. McEwenHideaki Soya

Findings show that 4 weeks of moderate exercise improves memory dysfunction in type 2 diabetes via amelioration of dysregulated hippocampal glycometabolism

Cohort Study
2 effects

Reported Outcomes


Moderate Exercise Selfcare risk & protective factor

Memory Brain outcome
Minor increase risk of Memory
Brain system

Low evidence

Moderate Exercise Selfcare risk & protective factor

Blood Sugar - Hyperglycemia Lymphatic outcome
Minor decreased risk of Blood Sugar - Hypergl...
Lymphatic system

Low evidence