Postdiagnosis social networks and breast cancer mortality in the After Breast Cancer Pooling Project

12 Dec 2016Candyce H. Kroenke ScD, MPH, Yvonne L. Michael PhD, Elizabeth M. Poole ScD, Marilyn L. Kwan PhD, Sarah Nechuta PhD, Eric Leas PhD, Bette J. Caan DrPH, John Pierce PhD, Xiao-Ou Shu MD, Ying Zheng PhD, Wendy Y. Chen MD

Larger social networks were associated with better breast cancer-specific and overall survival

Meta Analysis
1 effect
2 years
9267 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Friendships Selfcare risk & protective factor
Protective Factor Friendships

Breast Cancer Reproductive outcome
Decreased risk of Breast Cancer
Reproductive system

High evidence