Contaminant cause

Solvents Exposure

Solvents are liquids or gases that can dissolve or extract other substances. They are used to dissolve grease, oil, and paint; to thin or mix pigments, paint, glue, pesticides, and epoxy resins; to clean electronics, automotive parts, tools, and engines; and to make other chemicals.

Risk C Factor
Measured in session

There are 3 risks of Solvents Exposure, including:

Congenital Anomaly Maternity outcome
Increased risk of Congenital Anomaly
Maternity system

1 study

Pancreatic cancer Digestive outcome
Increased risk of Pancreatic cancer
Digestive system

2 studies

Leukemia Lymphatic outcome
Minor increase risk of Leukemia
Lymphatic system

1 study

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General health hazards associated with solvent exposure include toxicity to the nervous system, reproductive damage, liver and kidney damage, respiratory impairment, cancer, and dermatitis.

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