This is a manufactured substance, and as such, can cause side-effects. If you have a condition, never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider before taking this substance.
Manufactured cause

Aspartame & artificial sweeteners

Aspartame is a common sugar substitute used as a sweetener in many prepared foods and beverages, particularly diet soda. It is a common choice for those trying to lose weight, as it lowers the number of calories in food.

Risk B Factor
Measured in mg

There are 3 risks of Aspartame & artificial sweeteners, including:

Visceral fat Digestive outcome
Increased risk of Visceral fat
Digestive system

1 study

Obesity Musculoskeletal outcome
Minor increase risk of Obesity
Musculoskeletal system

1 study

Blood Sugar - Hyperglycemia Lymphatic outcome
Minor increase risk of Blood Sugar - Hypergl...
Lymphatic system

1 study

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