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Moderate Exercise

Examples of moderate exercise included walking, jogging, cycling, gardening, yard work, aerobics, water sports, tennis, golf, and squash

Protective A Factor
Measured in minutes

There are 33 benefits of Moderate Exercise, including:

Coronary Heart Disease (Ischaemic Heart Disease) Cardiovascular outcome
Strong decrease risk of Coronary Heart Diseas...
Cardiovascular system

1 study

Irritability And Anger Brain outcome
Decreased risk of Irritability And Anger
Brain system

1 study

Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular outcome
Decreased risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular system

5 studies

Type 2 Diabetes Lymphatic outcome
Decreased risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Lymphatic system

2 studies

Psoriasis Intergumentary outcome
Decreased risk of Psoriasis
Intergumentary system

1 study

Stroke Brain outcome
Decreased risk of Stroke
Brain system

3 studies

Heart Attack (Myocardial infarction - ACS) Cardiovascular outcome
Decreased risk of Heart Attack (Myocard...
Cardiovascular system

2 studies

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There are 2 risks of Moderate Exercise, including:

Running speed Musculoskeletal outcome
Minor increase risk of Running speed
Musculoskeletal system

1 study

Blood Pressure - Hypertension Cardiovascular outcome
Minor decreased risk of Blood Pressure - Hype...
Cardiovascular system

1 study

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Recommended Dosage

90 minutes minimum per week of moderate exercise, in addition to regular activities (walking, housework, gardening etc.)

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