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Calcium supplements

Beyond being ineffective for bone health, calcium supplements are associated with some pretty serious health risks. Studies on the relationship between calcium and cardiovascular disease (CVD) suggest that dietary intake of calcium protects against heart disease, but supplemental calcium may increase the risk. A large study of 24,000 men and women aged 35–64 years published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2012 found that those who used calcium supplements had a 139% greater risk of heart attack during the 11-year study period, while intake of calcium from food did not increase the risk. A meta-analysis of studies involving more than 12,000 participants also published in BMJ found that calcium supplementation increases the risk of heart attack by 31%, stroke by 20% and death from all causes by 9%

Risk C Factor
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There are 1 benefit of Calcium supplements, including:

Ovary cancer Reproductive outcome
Minor decreased risk of Ovary cancer
Reproductive system

1 study

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There are 2 risks of Calcium supplements, including:

Dementia Brain outcome
Strong increased risk of Dementia
Brain system

2 studies

Acid Reflux Digestive outcome
Minor increase risk of Acid Reflux
Digestive system

1 study

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