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Red Meat

Commonly, especially in gastronomy, red meat or dark meat is red when raw and dark in color when cooked, in contrast to white meat, which is pale in color before and after cooking.

This definition only refers to flesh from mammals or fowl.

In nutritional science, red meat is defined as any meat that has more myoglobin than white meat, white meat being defined as non-dark meat from chicken (excluding leg or thigh), or fish. Some meat, such as pork, is red meat using the nutritional definition, and white meat using the common definition.

Risk C Factor
Measured in serving

There are 16 risks of Red Meat, including:

Chronic kidney disease  Urinary outcome
Increased risk of Chronic kidney disease
Urinary system

1 study

Uterine Cancer Reproductive outcome
Increased risk of Uterine Cancer
Reproductive system

1 study

Type 2 Diabetes Lymphatic outcome
Increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Lymphatic system

2 studies

Acid Reflux Digestive outcome
Increased risk of Acid Reflux
Digestive system

1 study

Pancreatic cancer Digestive outcome
Minor increase risk of Pancreatic cancer
Digestive system

2 studies

Colorectal Cancer Digestive outcome
Minor increase risk of Colorectal Cancer
Digestive system

4 studies

Breast Cancer Reproductive outcome
Minor increase risk of Breast Cancer
Reproductive system

2 studies

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Leads to Cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality

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