Mediation of Cognitive Function Improvements by Strength Gains After Resistance Training in Older...

24 Oct 2016Yorgi Mavros PhD, Nicola Gates PhD, Guy C. Wilson MSc, Nidhi Jain MPH, Jacinda Meiklejohn BS, Henry Brodaty DSc, Wei Wen PhD, Nalin Singh MBBS, Bernhard T. Baune PhD, Chao Suo PhD, Michael K. Baker PhD, Nasim Foroughi PhD, Yi Wang PhD, Perminder S. Sachdev PhD, Michael Valenzuela PhD, Maria A. Fiatarone Singh MD

High-intensity PRT results in significant improvements in cognitive function, muscle strength, and aerobic capacity in older adults with MCI. Strength gains, but not aerobic capacity changes, mediate the cognitive benefits of PRT. Future investigations are warranted to determine the physiological mechanisms linking strength gains and cognitive benefits.

Randomized Controlled Trial
2 effects
6 months
100 subjects

Reported Outcomes


Strength Training Selfcare risk & protective factor

Cognitive deficit Brain outcome

Notable Decrease

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Strength Training Selfcare risk & protective factor

Strength Musculoskeletal outcome

Strong Increase

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