The efficacy of traditional Chinese Medicine as an adjunctive therapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma...

19 Feb 2014Cheng-Gang Mao, Ze-Zhang Tao, Li-Jia Wan, Ji-Bo Han, Zhe Chen, Bo-Kui Xiao

This systematic review suggests that traditional Chinese Medicine as a therapy adjunctive to radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy vs only radiotherapy and/ or chemotherapy has signi cant e cacy in terms of improvement of quality of life, alleviation of acute adverse e ects, and enhancement of immunoregulation.

Meta Analysis
2 effects

Reported Outcomes


Traditional Chinese Herb risk & protective factor

Immune system Lymphatic outcome
Immune system

Strong Increase

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Traditional Chinese Herb risk & protective factor

Nasopharyngeal Cancer Respiratory outcome

Strong Decrease

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