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Running is a forms of aerobic exercise. Running help the body to lose weight and make general improvements in ones health. In running, the speed is normally more than 9MPH.

Protective B Factor
Measured in minutes

There are 6 benefits of Running, including:

Inflammation Lymphatic outcome
Decreased risk of Inflammation
Lymphatic system

2 studies

Insulin Resistance Lymphatic outcome
Minor decreased risk of Insulin Resistance
Lymphatic system

1 study

Visceral fat Digestive outcome
Minor decreased risk of Visceral fat
Digestive system

1 study

Aerobic Exercise Capacity Musculoskeletal outcome
Strong increased risk of Aerobic Exercise Capacity
Musculoskeletal system

1 study

Obesity Musculoskeletal outcome
Minor decreased risk of Obesity
Musculoskeletal system

1 study

Arthritis - Osteoarthritis Musculoskeletal outcome
Minor decreased risk of Arthritis - Osteoarthritis
Musculoskeletal system

1 study

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Many injuries are associated with running because of its high-impact nature.

Recommended Dosage

90 minutes per week

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